Teaching Statement

I consider myself to be a movement educator and artist under the umbrella of dance and somatic practices. I am a firm believer that teachers are eternal students. This passion for knowledge and connection is what drives me as an educator and artist. Through my training as a multi-faceted mover and analyst, I have developed the skills to be fully present with each individual while absorbing the information of the entire classroom. Thus, my strength involves the development of an individualized movement practice within a large and diversified classroom setting. I am a facilitator of movement development, tying historical and cultural threads together in the process. I believe in an equitable dance environment, where all bodies and cultures learn from one another. By providing a platform for creative and analytical discourse, I strive to expand my students’ awareness of the power of movement. From there, they are empowered to make the choice as to how and where they will implement the information. My goal is to be available to meet each person where they are at in their educational and artistic journey and encourage their progress as a scholar, artist, and citizen. Thus, it is my aim to infuse my knowledge and experience to my students by providing them with assistance and support to expand on their instinctual curiosity of body and movement; for it is our birth right as human beings to communicate and express through movement. In order to achieve this, I have found that there is not a prescribed formula, but rather more of a give and take, improvisational method between student and teacher, while maintaining a commitment and clear vision of the desired outcome. I encourage my students to take risks, learn from their mistakes and successes, follow their instincts, develop worthwhile relationships, and efficiently invest their time and energy. Furthermore, I inform my students how to be proactive in their education and urge them to take responsibility in their progress. I enjoy igniting their curiosity in order to help them grow as confident, proficient artists and empowered individuals. For this reason, I take a great deal of interest contributing in the development of my students in a performing arts environment where I strongly believe in a close student-faculty interaction.

Lastly, as a Mexican-American female raised in a diverse family background, I am a firm believer in the positive effects of diversity in a multi-cultural environment, such as a college campus. I hope to instill inclusion by educating and working with all genders, bodies, ethnicities, and races.


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