Sliding scale of $45-$60 for 60 minutes

For a Private Class Session with Michele, contact her directly at micheleainza@gmail.com

A private class is a one on one session designed to enrich the overall health of my clients by helping them achieve their wellness goals. My objective as an instructor and movement specialist is to help my clients develop harmony within themselves in order to enhance their physical longevity, develop balance, harness their strength, and increase easeful range of motion. I aim to infuse my knowledge, experience, and passion to all, while at the same time strengthen community bonds one person at a time. While creating an inclusive environment, free of judgment, I encourage my clients to assimilate and grow at their own pace. I meet each person where they are at on their unique journey of holistic and physical wellness by carefully crafting individualized routines for optimal health. My expertise lies within the field of anatomy, biomechanics, alignment, and proprioception, as well as intuition and creativity, which I share as a backbone to each session. I mindfully synthesize the creative play of dance along with my knowledge in a variety of Yoga styles such as Iyengar, Vinyasa, and Restorative, as well as Yoga philosophy, pranayama (breath work), and meditation to empower each client to tap into their authentic selves. Clients can harness the joy of moving in a three-dimensional and expressive manner while learning to break free of habitual patterns to discover harmony and gratitude.

Testimonials from students and clients:

Michele Ainza is passionate about her job as a movement facilitator. She cares so much about the well-being of her students/clients. I wish I would have discovered her class earlier. My view of dance and movement have completely changed. ~ Stephanie

Michele’s class enabled me to strengthen my mind-body awareness and connection. I found the concepts of Bartenieff Fundamentals essential to this process – connecting theory to movement is quite literally connecting mind to body, and I enjoyed exploring that in a new way. As a result, I feel more in tune and more in control of where my limbs and core (and body in general) exist and move in space. Additionally, the yogic/breath component has proved to be a de-stressing, mindful, and grounding practice for me, while also energizing me in a way that asana sometimes cannot. I am grateful for how grounding this class has been, largely due to its plentiful amounts of floor work and the intentional connections we continually forge to the earth. ~ Cassandra

My core and sense of balance have gotten notably stronger. I’m listening to my body more and making new choices to healthily move. I feel much more comfortable and relaxed when I’m moving in everyday situations. Most importantly, I learned of the Patterns of Total Body Connectivity. These patterns were by far one of the biggest takeaways from the sessions. Being able to discern what type of pattern I’m doing when I’m moving always helps me feel more confident in myself. Along with this I have found myself doing the warm-up phrase regularly outside of the class session in order to physically wake up for the day/before any kind of strenuous movement. ~ Alex


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